Monday, October 8, 2007

The weekend

We had a lot going on this weekend so I thought I'd do a little blog mostly so that I could remember :). Friday afternoon, Charles climbed on top of our computer desk, grabbed a scripture marking pencil and scribbled all over our flat screen monitor; I'm reading this text right now through lots of multi colored scribbles :), cool. We've heard that rubbing alcohol should take it off so we'll try that soon. Friday night we picked up Scott from work and went to his Rome, Italy mission reunion that was held at his mission president's house in Salt Lake City. We all had a really nice time. They had extremely yummy Italian food, my favorite was probably an appetizer: fresh mozzarella cheese topped with tomato. Scott got to chat with some old buddies, and Elisabeth Charles and I played with all the other little children. They had lots of fun toys and not too many breakable things around so I got to sit on the floor with the kids for most of the time and just relax.

Saturday morning Scott worked out in the garden and I canned some pizza sauce from the tomatoes that our neighbors gave us. We watched general conference and during the last talk that morning(just before nap time) Charles went to give Elisabeth a kiss and she bit his chin really hard. So we sent her to her room for time out where she was playing with her door, swinging it open pretty fast, and then finally opened it so hard that the door knob went through the wall, cool :). They've ruined and damaged so many things that Scott and I have had a lot of practice 'staying calm', so I think we handled it okay. (Though it should be known that their was already a door knob dent in the door from the previous owners...practically none of our doors have door stops on them which I think is crazy, so we'll be getting some very soon)The kids napped during the afternoon session so I got to really listen to the talks which was nice. Our neighbor works for the Church and invited Scott to go with his family to priesthood session at the conference center. They parked in the church office building parking lot and while getting out of the car he saw President Eyring and they said hi. Since Greg, our neighbor, works for the church he usually gets pretty good seats. They sat in the 7th row from the front and in fact on his ticket it says, "Guests of the First Presidency"which we thought was pretty cool. During priesthood session, Elisabeth, Charles and I went with my aunt Luann and her friends and had dinner and played. We all had a nice night.

Sunday we got to listen to the Prophet again and afterwards went to my Uncle's and Aunts for dinner. We love getting together with them partly because they're the only other family we have around but mostly because they are very good at making you feel comfortable and welcome.... in fact Elisabeth was so comfortable that she was calling Uncle Fred 'Grandpa' and was climbing all over him most of the night and playing lots of games and singing lots of songs with him :). I wish I had my video camera with me because it was pretty funny, maybe next time.


Carrie said...

I love how you are able to say "cool" about your kids destroying things. :) I laughed at that, because it seems like such an unlikely response, and yet I think its probably the best one so our kids can know that they are far more important than any of our possessions. Being able to stay calm when those things happen is great virtue for any mommy or daddy to have!

Robin said...

Will you please teach me how to can sometime??? You sound so put together, despite the kids tearing the house down around you.