Monday, October 15, 2007

Tumbling Class

Every Monday Elisabeth has tumbling class from 10-1030am. At first she was a bit wary, but now she LOVES it! Last week I brought my camera and took a few pictures so that you all could enjoy it with us :), and it was a good thing I brought it that week because their teacher, Trina, asked that from now on the parents wait out in the hall or somewhere else because she wants to surprise us at the end with all the new tricks they can do. So today I took Charles out to the grocery store with me during her class and then we got back a few minutes early and peaked in the window at her to see how everything was going...I'm going to miss watching her class practice, and I like to know what they're working on and how the teacher approaches it so that we can practice during the week. Most of the parents still stayed inside the classroom and watched the whole time, so we'll see, maybe Trina will change her mind and let us watch, I just need her to give me permission because I don't want to feel like a rule breaker.

Elisabeth's in the back wearing the long sleeve purple shirt...they're rolling their ankles:The trampoline is a favorite of most the kids:And last, a somersault down the triangle:


sara said...

Do somersaults scare you as much as they scare me?

LeMira said...

Maybe one day she'll be an Olympian . . . just like Charlie will be a MLB player!