Saturday, October 6, 2007

Picasa Pictures

I just posted our September pictures and some pictures of the Garnica (my maiden name) family reunion from August. You can see them by clicking on our Family Pictures link off to the right. Here's one of my favorites :). If you click on it to enlarge it I think you'll see why. Notice that Charlie is screaming and crying, drawing lots of attention, and Shaun (in Fred's lap on the far right) is also throwing a little tantrum and the rest of us are trying to look as happy and natural as possible, oh and of course my eyes are closed. Isn't this how big family pictures usually go though? At least that's the way it is for our family. We do have other ones posted on our Family pictures website where just about everyone looks happy so you can check those out too if you like. Here's one more with just the siblings, we're in age order starting with the oldest (Luis) to the left.

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Mary said...

What fun! I love the picture of your siblings. It is fun to see the resemblance!