Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How to make a PB&J sandwich

Step 1:
Spread lots of peanut butter on part of the bread

Step 2:
Lick the knife clean

Step 3:

Spread the jelly on part of the other piece of bread

Step 4:
Put both pieces of bread together and enjoy!

(For those of you who have received food from us that Elisabeth and I made, don't worry your little heads, we did get a clean knife after she licked the peanut butter one; we try not to spread too many germs :))


kelley said...

That is too cute. I remember when I first started making my own PB&J sandwiches. I'd get so mad b/c I'd always tear the bread. She did great! Even if it doesn't cover the whole sammich...

Maren said...

The new overalls look great!

The Johnson Family said...

Elisabeth is so cute! I love those pictures of the PB&J. :)

Danica said...

She's so cute. And your house looks great!

Q & A said...

Cute pictures. I love the one where she is licking the knife. Kid helpers are so funny. And your kitchen shelves are so cute and festive!

Mary said...

I LOVE the new blog... so festive! You are just like me with this fall stuff! And I LOVE the Elisabeth and Charles quotes! Hooray!