Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thanks Lemira

Thanks Lemira for posting that blog from the Today Show. After watching the clip I decided that I wanted to dedicate a blog to it as well. So sorry Lemira for copying some of your blog but I thought it was a fantastic idea:

Laura Ingraham talked about her new book, Power to the People, and how as a society in the United States, we are becoming more tolerant of pornography. She went so far as to condemn the interviewer, David Gregory, and the Today Show itself for allowing video of Britney Spears to be shown on the show. You can watch the interview video here. (You'll have to use Internet Explorer, and you can skip the first minute as it shows examples of the awful stuff around today.) Ingraham was very harsh towards the station, and I just wanted to congratulate her on standing up for herself.

Pornography is everywhere and it's destroying individuals and families. It's on the internet, television programs, the news, commercials, movies, magazines, books, billboards etc. We are being bombarded with these images and I just pray that more people will stick up for what they know is right so that we can make a change for future generations.


Ben said...

I like how David of the TODAY SHOW refuses to take any responsibility for polluting America as well when he says "Well we let you come on TV and tell us your opinion too" Nice how they have a split screen with Laura talking while Britney is wiggling like a bowl of jello.

Angela said...


I have been feeling the same way lately, but more in regard to the way that women dress. Outfits that were once only worn by "ladies of the night" are now common attire for girls and women.

Case in point, I don't know if you are aware of the woman who was not allowed to fly on Southwest because a flight attendant told her she was not appropriately dressed. She has since been on a a lot of TV shows bashing Southwest. Yesterday she was on Dr. Phil (yes I hate to admit that I watched some of Dr. Phil yesterday) and they surveyed people about it and most said that she looked "fine", including Dr. Phil. Airlines have no dress codes and many other women dress the same way on flights, that is not really the issue. The issue is this: We have become a society that has degraded to the point that revealing attire is acceptable.

What is wrong with women! Ugh!

I really need to get rid of my Cable TV especially now that I am home during the day. I know what is going on in the world, but to see it first hand is unbelievable and depressing!

Regarding the pornography issue. Mitt Romney has a plan for that. He has great plans for all of our countries woes. If you have an advocate or a registered fund raiser among your friends or church members, please see what you can do to help. He DOES have a chance to become the republican nominee!

LeMira said...

I don't mind at all, Elisa, that you blogged about this, too. The more awareness we can get out, the better.