Thursday, September 27, 2007

A fantastic parenting book

As some of you probably know, I majored in Marriage Family and Human Development at BYU and so I am always on the look out for good books on family life, parenting, etc. because I love getting ideas and being 'in' on recent research. So anyways, that introduction brings me to this book: 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and How to Avoid Them. I'm about half way through it right now and it's great! I think all parents that still have kids at home should read this book, I'm sure I'll read it several times throughout my life as my children pass through different stages. It includes some great real life stories, quotes from prophets and scriptures and research that's been done. Many thanks to my Mom-in-law Angela for getting this book for us. Scott finished it about a week ago and he also really liked it and he doesn't usually read books like this, in fact I think this is the first parenting book that he's read. I'm not sure if you can check this book out from the library, but if you can't, I suggest placing an order at, it's a good one to have on your bookshelf. Here are a few more of my favorites that have to do with families and relationships:
The Power of Positive Parenting
The Parenting Breakthrough
The Bonds that Make us Free
Strengthening Families

If you have any favorites I'd love to hear about them


Carrie said...

Thanks, Elisa! I am always looking for a good parenting read too. It seems like a lot of the books just say the same things over and ove. This book looks like it might offer more unique insights... I'll definitely check it out!

Vanessa said...

I've also read "Bonds that Make us Free." It is among the best books I've read.