Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bellevue friends

A couple of our close friends from Bellevue, WA have also recently moved, Jeri to Utah and Monique to Arizona. Monique was in town for the week so yesterday we got to have both of them over with their kiddos to play and visit. When I told Elisabeth they were coming over she got so excited she started jumping up and down and chanting, "yay! yay!" She misses her old friends, she's starting to make new ones, but that always takes time. The kids had a blast just playing outside.

P.S. My belly is HUGE already and I'm only 16 weeks! In fact someone asked me(and not someone that I'm really close with) when I was expecting when I was only 6 weeks, I decided not to be offended and just take it as a compliment that I must have that pregnant 'glow' that many women get :)


berrymom said...

I am bigger than ever before with this pregnancy also! I have people ask me all the time when I am due and when I say Thanksgiving, they look at my belly and say "OH!" as if they can't imagine it getting any bigger. Then again, maybe they are thinking that I look surprisingly small, but that is pretty hard for me to imagine!

Carrie said...

I think you look radiant, Elisa! You're a very beautiful mommy. ;)