Wednesday, September 12, 2007

24 hour bug

Elisabeth had her first tumbling class on Monday, we went but just watched from the side because Elisabeth had started throwing up at 230 that morning and kept going throughout the day. Poor thing. Also, on my Doctor's website it said not to give them any food for 8 hours (though they're supposed to have a Tbsp. of water every 10 min.) and then only bland foods for 24 hours after that. It was hard because after throwing every thing up she was pretty hungry, so I just tried to distract her the best I could. She's all better now, and even yesterday she seemed back to normal, I'm glad it went by fast.

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Robin said...

I'm glad it was only a 24 hour bug! I just finished Eclipse. By the middle of the book I was already upset/annoyed/rolling my eyes at Bella...What was she thinking?????? She wants everything exactly perfect, so much that she forgot to focus on how awesome Edward is and had to make her future more difficult by getting more involved with Jacob. I am definitely voting for Edward to win and straighten Bella out a little bit!!