Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It's been pretty hot here the last couple of weeks, in fact one day it got up to 100! That is very hot for Seattle. I won't ever go to the pool by myself because I'm afraid that one of my little ones will drown, so we usually only get to go to our pool on nights and weekends when Daddy's home, but on a couple of the really hot days last week my mom and sister drove out and went swimming with us. Don't you love Elisabeth's grumpy face :), she didn't feel like smiling for the camera even though she was having a blast at the pool; in fact a lot of times when she makes that face she'll accompany it with the sentence, "I'm Grumpy from Snow White."


Carrie said...

Elisabeth is so cute and sweet looking even when she frowns. :)

Robin said...

That is so cute that she describes herself as "grumpy from snow white" when she is pouting! I must admit I have more than a few pictures in my picture album of me with a good little pout on my face...it is funny to look back at them now:)!

Trisha said...

It's such a crack up to hear about Elisabeth. She's so cute!