Monday, July 9, 2007

Portland with the McDonalds

This past weekend we drove down to Portland, Oregon to visit our friends Lori and Cameron McDonald. We all had a great time! We arrived Friday around 5pm and we walked over to a water park that was in their neighborhood. Unfortunately we didn't pack any swimsuits(I know, terrible parents to forget swimsuits), so we thought we'd just wade our feet in the little streams they have. But as you can see, once the kids got warmed up to the idea of playing in the water they decided to go all out and get soaked head to toe. We stripped Charles down to his onsie and diaper so that he had some dry clothes to be in on our walk back home, but Elisabeth just had to walk home drenched, it was kind of a funny sight, by the way she was walking you would've thought she wet her pants :). This picture to the left is when we first arrived and were just wading our feet.

Elisabeth running up the hill to get to the top of the stream again:

Charles having fun in the fountains:Soaking wet:
Saturday Lori had a work party at a fairground so we all went and the kids got to ride their first amusement park rides! Elisabeth liked all of them except the roller coaster. Charles wasn't too comfortable with any of the rides, and after the roller coaster he didn't want to try anything else.We put Charles on this one but before he even got started he begged to get off so Elisabeth ended up riding it by herself:
The family riding the train around the amusement park:
Lori and Elisabeth rode the Carousel a couple of times:
Elisabeth pouting because she doesn't want to eat pizza for dinner and here we are at Pizza Schmizza:


Angela said...

Great pictures Elisa. It's really fun to watch children's reaction to the "first time" they do something:)

I love the last one at the Pizzeria, let me guess, she wanted pasta! I've seen that look before:)!

I love the Blog. Isn't technology great! I've started designing a Mitt Romney blog. This way I can inform people that it is there and they can choose to visit it if they like. You are lucky that you won't have to tell people about him when you get to SLC! I need to send you an email:)

Vanessa said...

I love the picture of Charles with his hat!!! What a cute kid and cute family!

Jamie said...

How is Lori? I love that girl. She needs to start a family blog. :)

Carolyn said...

Do you have Lori's email address? I've lost her contact info... Thanks. (