Saturday, May 26, 2007

May = worst month ever

This month has been a really hard one for our family, mostly it's just been exhausting! We've all been sick this month with different things, some of us several times (I'm sick again right now and am supposed to sing a solo in Sacrament tomorrow, teach my Valiant 11/12 class and do Sharing time! Pray for a miracle, because right now, my voice is almost gone! and my energy is definitely gone).This is Scott's last month of his 9 month graduate program and he just has an incredible amount of things to do. He's had to spend a lot more time at school this month because of all of his projects, papers, etc. that are due in the next 2 weeks and it's been really hard on all 4 of us. Monday's he leaves for school about the time the kids are waking up and gets home about an hour and a half after they've gone to bed. Tuesday through Friday he's gone from 730am-630pm which means he gets to spend about an hour with me and the kids before they start getting ready for bed and then once they're asleep it's back to homework again. He also has to spend a good part of Saturday working on projects and things. We do have Sundays together, thank goodness for the Sabbath! It has sure been a lonely and exhausting month for me and a really stressful one for Scott trying to manage doing full time masters stuff, work and his calling and family. I know lots of you have been through this and some of you had to do it for 2 or more years, good on ya for hanging in there, I never realized how rough it really was until this month. Just two more weeks!!!


Home Suite Home said...

You probably got me email, but I just wanted to say "hang in there"! I'm sorry that you are sick and I think you should stay home today. They can improvise sharing time.


Katie and Eric said...

Those weeks really are hard. Hang in there. It is always so nice when they are done. Good luck Scott!

Stacie said...

Hi Elisa,

This is Stacie, from the good old Elms! I found your link from Carrie's, and I have been enjoying updates from your family! I also have a website, which you can get to from Carrie's site (maybe you've already seen it--I just don't want to post it here).

I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough time lately, but you'll pull through it. Hang in there.

Your kids are adorable! Tell Scott I said hi!

Cristin Lassen said...

I know it's hard. Erik has been working a lot lately and it leaves me feeling like a single parent sometimes. Not his fault, just the way life is. Hang in there... especially when an end is in sight, that's great!