Monday, May 28, 2007

A haircut and a bus ride

This weekend I gave Scott and Charles twin haircuts, Charles definitely has more of his daddy's features than mine don't you think?

Elisabeth went on her first bus ride today with daddy. She was very excited about the whole thing. Charlie and I followed them over in our van (it's only a 3 mile trip to Scott's work) and brought Elisabeth back home with us. On the ride home she said several times, "Mommy I had a lot of fun going to school with daddy!"


Robin said...

What a cute idea! I bet Elisabeth felt so big that she got to go with her Daddy on a real bus!

Carrie said...

Those pictures are so cute. I like the one you took of Scott and Elisabeth on the bus, you can see your reflection in the bus window taking the picture!

Thanks for posting the link to your cakes! I always love to see what new projects you've been doing. You are such a talented girl.

LeMira said...

Jackson loves to ride the school bus. It's such an adventure for these little kids.

Gina said...

Sara still talks about the bus ride she got to take with Dad to his school. She still gets excited about it.